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Dr Apple Advertisement

Sanswiss Cinema Advertisement for France region

N-ice Edger – Product Advertisement

Pro-Invest investment presentation – Scholler Allibert

Our game-dev animations showreel 2022

Express service of industrial automation devices in 24h! | RGB Elektronika

Waste Knights: Second Edition – Beyond the Horizon Expansion | Kickstarter Campaign [Teaser]

Waste Knights Boardgame

Sowar – Corporate video

Age Of Thieves

House Secrets: The Beginning Short Trailer

Hell Hades intro

Surfing Mice Studio

How we weave the magic of advertising

One image expresses a thousand words. A movie is a story that gives us a unique, thrilling journey into another world. Sounds tacky? Well, at Surfing Mice we’re passionate about the art of storytelling, and a story that triggers emotions is the most effective type of advertising.


We create professional commercial videos that you simply cannot just pass by. Our video production team is a group of video buffs who care about real quality in the world of advertising. Our images are vivid, imaginative, captivating and entertaining. Advertising is an art of persuasion and storytelling – work with us and you will see that our marketing services will provide you with the best possible service.


Would you like to have a special and effective marketing video that will bring your brand recognition? Our specialists guide you through every step of video production process.


Be sure we will imbue your brand with unique properties and powerful message!

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Surfing Mice Studio

What’s your idea? How would you like to draw clients to your projects? What’s the story? All we need are your words and your story. This is our fuel to create a richness of images and emotions. If you’re looking for video production in one of the areas below, we’re here for you!


Looking for startling visuals and an entertaining story? Our animations are cool, effective and always engaging. Our graphic designers are bursting with ideas for attractive marketing images that create excellent videos bursting with colourful animations!


Are you in need of professional editing and a whole range of post-production processes? We provide our videos with exuberant special effects and other techniques to make your promotional materials engaging and irresistible!


It’s no surprise than we specialize in videos – and we have great experience in this. Through this medium we create a unique brand identity and give it a specific meaning that will give you a true marketing success!

Game-Dev Media Support

Game dev is a burgeoning and creative industry and we’re proud to be a part of it! Whether it’s about promotional videos and trailer for your game, we’ll make it a smashing success! Do you wish to attract new players of your next hit? Our videos make that happen!

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Our strategy


High Quality

We’re crazy about high quality videos and our experts do look after every single detail. Every promotional video must be an immaculately constructed story – and we make every effort for it to be so


Tailor Made

Every customer has different needs and expectations. Promotional videos require good communication with our clients and mutual understanding. We take pride in those qualities!


Variety of Styles

Versatility is a crucial quality in promotional video production. Whether it comes to animations, styles, video formats and goals you’d like to achieve, we’re here for you.


Happy customers

Customer satisfaction is the highest value that measures how well we do our job. We always ask for feedback and we’re constantly evolving!

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